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We are the United Church of God, Florida

Standing tall in the liberty

Wherewith Christ has made us free

With unity and dignity

We'll move on to victory

New St. Barnabus, UCOGFL
Saturday, 02/15/2020

Family/Friends Day
Sunday, 1/26/2020

True Deliverance, UCOGFL
Saturday, 2/1/2020

Great Love, UCOGFL
Church Anniversary
Sunday, 2/9/2020


UCOGFL Auxiliary Conference
Wednesday, 2/20 0 Friday 2/20/2020

Sunday, 1/12/2020
Bishop J.L. Williams
Proverb 30:5-9
"...Let every word of God be pure..."

Bishop J.L. Williams
Numbers 22:20-28  (Balaam and the ass)
"I'm Gone Do What the Lord Say Do"